Our work
Connecting the solutions

At Planetecova we explore what are the core causes of the current global crises and what could be the best strategies to resolve them. We participate in creating awareness of the broader historical context that co-generated the major interrelated social, economic and environmental issues of today, and we’re committed to participate in developing the solutions.

As for connecting the solutions, we treasure the value of diversity and the power of cooperation.

Our work focuses on:

• Reducing debt money; introducing debt-free money; supporting local banking
• Developing social, economic and ecological security for all
• Supporting ecological farming, local food production, local economy and self-sufficiency
• Reducing the carbon footprint and restoring the ecosystems
• Greening our villages and cities, creating sustainable abundance and access to renewable energy
   for all
• Protecting biodiversity, animal kingdom and nature
• Exploring the human condition and the nature of reality
• Developing a broader historical context, including knowledge on ancient civilizations
• Creating awareness of the interconnectedness of all life
• Encouraging happiness and wellbeing
• Spreading awareness about the force of syntropy, a principle of manifestation which stimulates
   living systems towards finality, cooperation and higher levels of development
• Developing new related educational programs and tools
• Interconnecting all subjects above
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