Our work
Happiness and well-being

At Planetecova we believe that happiness and wellbeing are essential to create a better world.

This is the reason why we are committed to supporting healthy food, personal development, energy balance, and a happy and cooperative lifestyle.

Our work includes researching the energetic activity and effectiveness of specific crystal structure materials. We map the possible relations of these very tangible energies to the Zero Point Field, the law of syntropy and subtle life-sustaining energies such as prana (or qi) and kundalini.

Fields of application:

• Physical and emotional well-being
• Personal development
• Enhancement of creativity and intuition
• Stress management and mind-body balance
• Meditation and practices involving vital energy
   management (energy channels and centers, etc…)
• Developing the human awareness and its potential
• Bio-energetic restructuring and taste-improvement
   of food and drinks
• Harmonizing residential environments
• Brainwaves, biofield and Shumann Resonances
• Increase of syntropy (Syntropy is a manifestation
   energy which stimulates living systems towards
   fulfillment, cooperation and higher levels of
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