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Understanding reality

Our world: a 3D hologram?

New science indicates that reality is not what we perceive. It says our physical world is essentially composed of energetic waves that are translated by our sensory system and brain into a 3D hologram.

The ancient Indian Vedas describe reality as ‘maya’ or illusion. Now science confirms this old knowledge is true. The world that we perceive is a figment of our imagination, a product of a brain process in which an inner world is composed, based on the information of the electric signals that are registered by our senses.

Information from the quantum field

Maya, as explained by the Vedas, is what veils the infinity of pure being and pure consciousness. Quantum physicists emphasize that our material universe exists of energy and is influenced by a field of subatomic particles. We are all part of this field that is interconnecting all and everything through quantum waves in a vast invisible web. Our brain creates what we perceive through reading this information from the quantum field. All living beings, objects, planets, universes are essentially waveforms that are decoded and transformed by our brain into 3D holograms that we project outside ourselves.

Perception of time and conditioning of the mind

In addition, the way we experience reality is also linked to how we are programmed to perceive time and to how we are conditioned by society and education since early childhood.
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